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There has been a plethora of technical advancements in the last 10 years.  Electronics fulfilled our desire to be connected to everyone through 72 different forms of media and high quality food supplements allowed people to bring their health back in a fraction of the time than it would take through your typical grocery store aisles. Although I appreciate the advancements in technology, I am much more thankful for products that combine simplicity and power that can really make an impact on your health.  Hello, gano coffee.
 Gano Coffee History

Gano coffee has been publicly known for around 15 years or so and is now in many parts of the world. It started with the simple idea of taking one of the most powerful herbs in the world, Ganoderma, and infusing it into the world's favourite addiction, coffee.
Why would you want to make gano coffee?
First of all, coffee is not a healthy habit.  It does have some positive health benefits, but deep down most people know that there are far more negatives in their coffee habit. This is not something most people will admit openly, because you don't like to feel guilty when you consume a beverage you have little desire to give up.
So, how do you make a coffee healthier so people can still enjoy all the anticipated benefits of their java, but help lessen the side effects our bodies and doctors are telling us about?
Answer: You find a way to combine coffee with a health component that neutralize the negative implications!
Thus, gano coffee was born.
Gano Coffee Benefits
The beneficial effects of gano coffee are wide ranging due to the health implications of ganoderma, but one of the initial aspects noticed by gano coffee drinkers is that they no longer suffer from the jitter, crash, or anxiety that regular coffee gave them.  Based on this aspect alone, many people were convinced that gano coffee was the greatest invention of all time.
However, after a short period of time (1 week to 1 month), gano coffee drinkers started to notice other "coincidences" with their health that included but was not limited to:
1) Sleep improvement; 2) More energy and stamina; 3) Improved blood sugar levels; 4) Improved circulation; 5) Improved nervous system balance; and 6) Natural detoxification.
You can imagine how people felt with their new gano coffee habit.  They could now help eliminate the very side effects that they were struggling with in regular coffee, yet still get the delicious taste, aroma, and perks they came to enjoy with coffee (like energy)!
Gano Coffee Advancements
Just like any health food product, there has been plenty of advancements in the gano coffee arena.
At first, gano coffee was not exactly a beverage for discerning coffee drinkers.  The "bits and pieces" of a primarily Robusta bean gave an "instant" flavour that could only be appreciated by health fanatics and instant coffee die-hards.  Fortunately, this is now a non-issue due to the quality of beans and improved processes (see below).
The cultivation of the ganoderma that was infused into the coffee has also improved due to better understanding of what conditions and growing conditions it thrives in.  The result is higher potency and more health benefits to those that consume it.
Gano Coffee From SereniGy - Leading the Industry
SereniGy set out to maximize the power of ganoderma and infuse it into a high quality coffee so that it could not only improve on the health benefits, but also on the coffee experience.
To begin this advancement in gano coffee, SereniGy started by ensuring that the full spectrum ganoderma (harvested from logs in nature) went through a stringent processing procedure to create a pure 100% certified organic ganoderma extract (see certification below - click to enlarge) with no heavy metal residual.
Following that, it made sure to add no fillers, excipients, or binders to any of its products to ensure the consumer was able to enjoy a complete source of ganoderma extract.
SereniGy then sourced 100% Arabica beans (commonly known for it's higher quality) and used a "whole bean" and "cold brewing" process to ensure that the taste quality was exceptional and the antioxidant content of it's gano coffee was second to none. This was a huge advancement from the "coffee bits and pieces" procedure that resulted in an inferior tasting "instant" coffee.
As a result of striving to make the best tasting gano coffee and not sacrificing the integrity of the ganoderma herb, Serenigy has managed to create a gano coffee that discerning coffee drinkers now enjoy on a daily basis. 
It's amazing what the world of technology, combined with a drive to create the highest quality product, has done for innovators.  Steve Jobs changed the world based on those two factors, and we will never be the same because of it.
Thanks to SereniGy, we can now enjoy a new world in coffee.  One that we look forward to each and every day, with no sacrifices to taste or to our health.

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